Cleanroom Raised Floor Upgrade

Cleanroom Raised Floor Upgrade-Smart Precise Solutions

To perform an “on-site” refurbish of a cleanroom raised flooring that is no longer manufactured and has degraded aesthetics over the years.


Project consisted in refurbishing an area of approximately 27,000 ft2 of raised flooring in an operating manufacturing cleanroom after flooring has undergone many re-layouts of equipment in which multiple floor tiles were modified and/or damaged.

Approximately 8,200 ft2 was refurbished in Phase 1 in a period of 2 months and pending additional funding for project continuation.

Feasibility Study of N2 Generation System

Feasibility Study - Smart Precise Solutions

To perform a Feasibility Study for the implementation of an In-house Nitrogen Generation System in a Medical Equipment Manufacturing Facility.

The project consisted in evaluating the current Facility’s nitrogen system consisting of a 3,000 gallons Nitrogen Bulk Tank of liquid nitrogen, supplied by an industrial gas company, and a cylinder reserve system and evaluating the best available and cost-effective technology and methodology to generate the needed N2 on-site.

Final report submitted on January 2018 for a total of 3 months of project works.

After two systems were evaluated, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) and Membrane System, both options were considered viable for the Facility given the systems had the capacity to produce (on-site) the required cubic feet per day (cfd) and comply with the quality of the product. Savings and paybacks evaluated presented a total savings of approximately $500k per year at a Rate of Return (ROI) of 2.9% in 1.03 year of payback.

Energy Audit

Cleanroom Raised Floor Upgrade-Smart Precise Solutions

To perform an Energy Audit Level II in a Medical Equipment Manufacturing Facility of approximately 215,000 ft2 by identifying the main end users to provide a list of possible capital-investment improvements with their potential energy and cost savings.

The project consisted in evaluating the largest key systems in the Facility identified as HVAC, Compressed Air and Plant Steam & Condensate given they have the greatest potential to produce energy and cost savings.

Final Report submitted on June 2018 for a total of 4 months of project works.

A total consumption of approximately 15,400,000 kWh per year was identified for the three (3) main end users, representing approximately 85% of the total consumption in the Facility. After evaluating the options for the different systems summarized in the report (HVAC, Compressed Air, Plant Steam & Condensate), three (3) options were recommended as mayor opportunities that presented the greatest energy and cost savings that had a payback period of less than three (3) years. The total savings identified for each system were as follows:

  • HVAC: Savings of approx. $365,000 (13%) for a total payback period of 2 years.
  • Compressed Air: Savings of approx. $228,000 (8%) for a total payback period of 2 years.
  • Plant Steam & Combustion: Savings of approx. $168,000 (8%) for a total payback period of 1.5 years.

Roof Waterproofing

Roof waterproofing - Smart Precise Solutions

To repair roof leaks and complete the installations of the waterproofing membranes at the Facilities.


Project consisted in repairing approximately 125,000 ft2 of roofing decks with bitumen membranes and 8,000 ft2 of parapet walls with aluminum bituminous ply material to avoid further roof leaks to the Facilities.

Completed on October 2019 for a total of 6 months of project works.

UPS Bypass Installation

UPS Bypass Installation - Smart Precise Solutions

To replace a Mitsubishi Bypass installed in a Schneider UPS System for a new compatible Schneider Bypass.


The project consisted in removing an existing bypass cabinet, and their associated wiring, that was not compatible with the existing Schneider 500KVA UPS System and installing a new compatible bypass cabinet. Also, additional feeders needed to be installed in order to provide the according wiring.

Installations were completed on May 2019 at a scheduled Facilities Electrical shutdown. Currently in the process of commissioning & qualification for project closing.

After installations were completed, appropriate tests were made and documented for Commissioning & Qualification.

Fire Alarm System Migration and Upgrade

Fire Alarm System Migration and Upgrade - Smart Precise Solutions

To upgrade the Facilities discontinued Fire Alarm system and install new compatible Fire Suppression systems at the Data Communication rooms.


Project consisted in upgrading the Siemens MXL Fire Safety System by replacing two (2) system panels and one (1) remote annunciator, the installation of new speaker systems and the installation of new compatible Siemens Fire Suppression Systems for two (2) Data Communication Rooms.

Completed on October 2019 for a total of 1 month of project works.

The Siemens Fire Safety system panels, the remote annunciator and the fire suppression systems were installed according to fire safety codes. A total of three (3) FM 200 Tanks were installed and certified.