Smart Precise Solutions, Inc. appropriate applies knowledge, skills, tools, techniques and methodology to meet your project requirements though the optimum integration during the project life cycle.

We act on behalf of individual clients and international companies supplying overall project management services including stand-alone services for a particular part of a project, comprehensive packages governing an entire project from initiation to closeout, or a combination of services that meets specific client needs. All our services will be provided in English or Spanish, according to customer requirements.

project management office

Our priorities:

  • Satisfy client by achieving clear, achievable and transferable project objectives
  • Complying with the scope, schedule, budget, and quality
  • Leadership, Commitment and Empowerment
  • Effective communication with Stakeholders
  • Risk management
  • Flawless procurement process

Project Management Services

  • Initiation – defines and authorizes

  • Project Management Plan – refine objectives and course of action for success

  • Monitoring & Controlling – track progress to apply corrective actions only during Initiation and Planning stages

  • Executing – integrate resources to implement plan

  • Closing – formalizes acceptance

  • Schedule


  • At Smart Precise Solutions we apply our knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. To achieve project management success our team:

  • Select appropiate processes required to meet the project objectives.

  • Use a defined approach that can be adapted to meet requirements.

  • Establish and maintain appropriate communication and engagement with stakeholders.

  • Comply with requirements to meet stakeholder needs and expectations.

  • Balance the competing constrainsts of scope, schedule, budget, quality resources and risk to produce the specified product, service or result.

All our services will be provided in English or Spanish, according to customer requirements.

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