6 P’s of Project Management

By: Edgardo J. Landrón Arroyo
Sr. Project Coordinator

In most organizations, project managers are faced with the difficult task of coordinating multiple projects at once where the clients rely on them to achieve the goal and meet the success criteria at the given timeframes. One thing is for certain, there are no shortcuts to accomplish all the goals within the given constrains, but there are methods and strategies you can apply to execute and meet the project deadlines successfully.

Generally known as the 6 P’s of Project Management, Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. By remembering this acronym, it will certainly help you maintain your perspective during a project and remind you of the importance of planning to enhance your chances to achieve success. For those still in question, the 6P rule is exactly what it implies: a proper planning prior executing a task, or in this case a project, it may prevent poor performance when implementing the project plan.

This means that before you take any action, sparing time to plan on how to manage the tasks is very important.

Skipping the planning part of a project because of lack of time should not be considered as an excuse. Although you might seem to meet with the project’s deadlines, in the long run you might encounter problems where you didn’t plan for and will impact the client’s needs.

Although all projects have their unique challenges, managing any project requires the same fundamentals: time, effort and discipline. The difference between managing a project without a proper game plan vs being prepared beforehand is not only the amount of time, effort and discipline, but also it will be the main factors to whether or not you are setting yourself up to fail or succeed.

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That is why implementing the 6P method will increase your success rate. You gain a constant reminder of the importance of planning and it can also help improve your overall time management skills. This technique for managing your time will improve productivity at the work environment and in your private life.

Thera are no secrets in achieving a well-executed and successful project, just common practices. However, sometimes we are faced with difficult and stressful situations that may cause anyone to forget the fundamentals of running a project. By utilizing this method and remembering the 6 P’s is a good way to stay grounded during the planning and execution phases of any project.

This is a technique that has proven itself that tenacity and a well thought out plan means the difference between success and failure.

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail” – Benjamin Franklin